Welcome to the Flax 4 Sale web site. Here you will find a brief history of the flax to linen process as well as the Flax Store, where you can buy a variety of flax items, all of which are hand-produced here at The Hermitage, a Harmonist spiritual community in Pitman, Pennsylvania. We hope you enjoy reading about flax, its many uses, its amazing history and how you can obtain flax in a variety of stages for spinners and weavers, historic sites, museums and other organizations.


Check our new series of videos on flax spinning: “Marvelous Inventions - 30,000 Years of Flax Spinning” at YouTube.com. Type in “attheHermitage” in the search line and all our videos come up. Learn how to spin flax with a variety of historical tools and techniques, including the open hand, Sleeping Beauty’s wheel and the double-flyer wheel.  The eleven-part series is also available as a two-DVD set for just $14.99. See The Store.


Woodcut by Christian Zinzendorf; an illustration from our “Flax and Wool” booklet



Historic flax photos from Belgium


Check out The Big Book of Flax.

Flax test fields in Holland

Flax field at the Hermitage in central Pennsylvania

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