Flax stricks (pictured above left and right), approximately 1/4 pound. Machine processed in The Netherlands and hand tied here at the Hermitage. Beautiful, lustrous, fiber fibers 30 to 34 inches long. $12.

Mini-strick, $2, a small flax souvenir made just like the full-sized ones but with less fiber.

Green, unretted straw with seed pods. Perfect for exhibits. Sold by the bundle and tied with traditional flax knot, $3 per bundle

Water-retted flax straw, traditional golden blond color,  $9 per pound.

Tow flax fiber: quarter pound, $8; half pound, $14; full pound, $22.

New! Avian variety fiber flax seed: $10 per pound, $6 half pound, $3.50 quarter pound. See below for additional information about this new variety that replaces Marilyn as the world standard for fine fiber flax.

New! Flax Samples.  1. Broken flax, $2; 2. Scutched flax, $2.50; 3. Combed     flax, $3. (Scutching requires one additional step while combing requires two)

“Flax and Wool,” a 25-page booklet depicting in woodcuts (by Christian) and text (by Johannes), the Colonial processes for producing cloth from plant fiber and fleece.  Written on a fourth-grade level. The last page has samples  of flax and wool at various stages. $8.

Educational Kit, a complete assortment of flax at every stage of production, including flax seed, green flax straw, water-retted flax straw, plus broken, scutched and combed flax fibers, a mini-strick, tow, spun linen yarn, a swatch of machine-woven linen cloth and a piece of linsey-woolsey tape. Perfect for schools, historic societies and museums. See picture below. $30.

Marvelous Inventions - 30,000 Years of Flax Spinning is an eleven-part two-DVD set showing the entire evolution of spinning,, complete with twisting fibers with the hand on the thigh, using the hand and drop spindles, Sleeping Beauty’s wheel (without treadle or flyer) and spinning with the single flyer and double flyer wheels How to dress distaffs and performances of spinning songs and hymns are also included. $14.99 including postage.

Shipping is extra and typically adds 15 to 30 percent to the total amount. Small items like stricks, tow and seed are shipped via USPS Priority or First Class. Flax straw is shipped via USPS Priority or Retail Ground. All come with tracking numbers which can be followed at USPS.com by typing the tracking number into the search line. For questions, a shipping quote, or to order, email: BroJoh@Yahoo.com or call 570-425-2548. Please send no money without receiving an invoice first. After that, payment can be made by sending a check or money order made payable to: The Hermitage, 75 Grove Rd., Pitman, PA   17964. PayPal can also be used.

flax kit

The education kit showing all 11 items.

Marc van de Bilt and his daughter Eugenie developed Avian as the world’s first flax variety specifically adapted to meet the challenges of changing global climate conditions while providing a fine fiber. This photograph was taken in 2001 at their company headquarters in The Netherlands.

Flax and hemp tow are sold in quarter, half and pound sizes. A quarter pound of flax tow is shown. Hemp tow has a distinctive golden color.


Our flax stricks are made from straw raised on land reclaimed from the sea. The soil actually contains small sea shells. The quality of the fiber is far superior to what we produce using hand methods from Colonial times at the Hermitage.

 At the van de Bilt flax factory, a conveyor belt moves flax straw through the braking and scutching processes. It is a humbling experience to watch machinery do in minutes what takes us weeks to do by hand.

Our hand-made stricks come from the endless stream of combed fiber made by the hackling machine above. 


Christian standing beside our 2018 crop of Avian variety of  fiber flax. We have field tested Avian for two years and find its longer tap root and thicker stalk provide the plant greater protection in conditions of heat and drought while maintaining a very fine fiber.

For blueprints of flax processing equipment, including a flax brake, contact: