Welcome to the Flax 4 Sale web site. Here you will find a brief history of the flax to linen process as well as the Flax Store, where you can buy a variety of flax items, all of which are hand-produced here at The Hermitage, a Harmonist spiritual community in Pitman, Pennsylvania. We hope you enjoy reading about flax, its many uses, its amazing history and how you can obtain flax in a variety of stages for spinners and weavers, historic sites, museums and other organizations.


Woodcut by Christian Zinzendorf; an illustration from our “Flax and Wool” booklet


Check our new series of videos on flax spinning: “Marvelous Inventions - 30,000 Years of Flax Spinning” at YouTube.com. Type in “attheHermitage” in the search line and all our videos come up. Learn how to spin flax with a variety of historical tools and techniques, including the open hand, Sleeping Beauty’s wheel and the double-flyer wheel.  The eleven-part series is also available as a two-DVD set for just $14.99. See The Store.


Historic flax photos from Belgium



Check out The Big Book of Flax.


Flax test fields in Holland

Flax field at the Hermitage in central Pennsylvania


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